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Here is a sampling of the resources provided to clients of Growth Capital Services.


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Proprietary software that supports and enhances your business with us.

OLIVIA is software built from scratch that organizes the various tasks and documents that underlie our compliance program.  OLIVIA combines a workflow function with a template form-builder function to create a largely automated interface for independent registered reps.

This provides you with 24/7 portal to your records with us and facilitates a continual dialog with you about your business activites.

Periodic notifications concerning new services and enhancements. 

Our quarterly newsletters keep our clients up to date on the improvements to our service offering, both in terms of new program features and social events for our network.  See below for some recent issues.

GCS Newsletter 4
GCS Newsletter 3
GCS Newsletter 2
GCS Newsletter 1

Complaince Bulletins
Compliance Bulletins
Developments in the regulatory world that affect your business.

Our monthly compliance bulletins keep our clients abreast of new rules and guidance from the regulatory authorities.  The bulletins are designed with the active practitioner in mind, providing a clear idea of immediate actions to be taken and providing original source material for further research. See below for some recent issues.    
Compliance Bulletin 4
Compliance Bulletin 3
Compliance Bulletin 2
Compliance Bulletin 1

Other Resources
Membership fee include access to valuable service and materials.

    • Errors and Omissions Insurance
    • Private equity research service
    • Templates for engagement letters, co-marketing agreements and
       other deal documents
    • Compliance reference guides
    • Written supervisory procedures
    • Manuals for the ancillary services included in your membership
    • Full access to newsletters and compliance bulletins

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